Founder & CEO

Dianne Tuitt

People often ask me, when did you fall in love with styling and accessories? Ever since I was a little girl, I have always admired the people around me, and their dress sense. My little mind used to go, wow that is so pretty, I wonder what made them come up with that combination. My friends have always described my style as “quirky clean” and I am finally starting to get what they mean. I put pieces together that most people wouldn’t, but with a clean, polished finish. My friends would always come over to my house to borrow a handbag or a one-off piece of jewellery, that I was able to find on one of many shopping trips (don’t judge me lol).

So that got me thinking, there must be other fashionistas out there who are just like me. Ladies who are looking for fashionable pieces that you wouldn’t find on the high street, but with the convenience of buying it online. That gave birth to the concept behind Stylist In Me, an online fashion boutique, that caters to ladies who are bold enough to express their own unique sense of style. My mission is to help you to embrace who you are and your inner sense of style. Whether you’re tall, short, fat or slim, there is always a way to bring out the ‘Stylist In You’. So connect with me on my social network pages and let’s inspire the next generation one stylista at a time.

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Who is Stylist In ME?
We are in the CONFIDENCE business

At Stylist In Me we look after our customers both during and after sales, by selling great product lines at competitive prices and providing great customer service, whilst striving to grow as a business. We aim to provide a smooth and easy customer experience from start to finish, with a professional and searchable website, quality service delivery and products and services that will ensure that our customers stand out and keep coming back. Our vision is to build the confidence of women so that they can trust in their own uniqueness and bring out their inner stylist.



Our Team
Let’s bring out the STYLIST in YOU!

Our team of professional stylists and fashion designers are on board to guide and assist you every step of the way.

Vernaire Bass
Marketing Assistant


Customer services
Customer Services


Deleisha Swaby
Fashion Consultant