Why I Love…….. CLINIQUE

After trying almost every brand I think was okay to use from the age of 17yrs old, I discovered its not that easy choosing a shade that perfectly match. From as long as I can remember it was a struggle for me as I have sensitive skin and nothing seem to work.

All I wanted was a foundation that had great coverage both in the sun that last into the evening that’s it. A girl is not asking for much is she ? I mean a million pounds and a Ferrari is great (feel free to deliver either to the office lol) but all I wanted was a foundation that matched my skin tone, that is ok to use on sensitive skin and doesn’t breakout my face. After years of searching I decided to give up and just stick to the brand I was using.

Strolling through Selfridges Birmingham UK minding my business I decided to take a walk through the beauty section as a shortcut to the other side and walked right into the Clinique counter. It was like faith bumped me on the head to discovering greatness. I began to peruse the section when the most helpful consultant Katie introduced me to the foundation all my adult life.

I present to you “beyond perfecting” foundation and concealer combo. It’s heaven in a bottle as the coverage was great, no mark lines on my face and the bonus was it was suitable for sensitive skin, ummm talk about a great discovery.

I ask myself where has Clinique been all my life. After trying the BP foundation I wanted more as if I was addicted and no rehab centre could cure me from this beauty discovery.

After returning to the Clinique counter in Selfridges I discovered the matte invisible powder for my foundation. This keeps the foundation on your face and less on your hands. I recommend this should be in every women collection.

Overall I am now a huge fan and customer of the Clinique brand and their brilliant customer services.

The product I love the most is the 3-in-1 cleanser. It’s perfect and last long.. Get It Now !

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