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Which colour best describe your style, or should we ask what is your go to colour when putting an outfit together?

Are you a neutral kinda girl or colour blocking is your favourite thing?

With spring around the corner, we can’t wait to get to the back of that closet and dust off those coloured garments that we have been waiting so patiently to wear again, and yes, we are here for the recycled wardrobe pieces that made your summers a talking point.

Don’t get us wrong a statement piece is a just that and should be worn on special occasions or when you want to turn heads honey, but colourful pieces can be worn again and again.

What to wear colours with?

If you have never worn colours before we suggest you start off with pairing say a turquoise top with black trousers or skirt with black shoes (any of your choice depending on your event or personal style). To take it a step further add a bomber jacket, a black blazer or even a biker jacket to finish off the look.

For those who are use to wearing colours why not mix it with prints e.g an orange top will go perfectly with leopard print or even zebra print and gold heels or sneakers.

A monochromatic look is always a good idea when you know how to do so. We suggest you keep some of the shades of garments lighter than the other that way it leaves a more contrast feel rather than a giant slab of colour with no start or end in mind.

What colours should I choose?

Always choose colours that compliment your skin tone ladies. If you are not sure where to start, please go to our contact page and email us so we can send you our free e-book “colours and body shapes”.

Don’t forget to factor in your hair colour when choosing an outfit e.g if you have red hair works well with neutral colours so the hair stands out more.

There is nothing wrong with wearing your favourite colour repeatedly just switch it up a little in the form of garments. What we mean by that is a purple dress today, a purple top tomorrow or even an all-black outfit with purple lipstick. 

Here are a few more choices in colour styling and remember to bring out the stylist in you.

The goal is to always challenge your creative process and improve your style. 

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