London fashion week

What can we say about London fashion week?

It was Saturday morning and the excitement of it being London fashion week was protruding through my veins. I couldn’t wait to get the day started. I couldn’t wait to hit the London streets and turn that swag all the way up.

I had to remind myself it was going to be a long day and pace myself for the hectic day. I thought about the hours for a second, 11am to 10pm wow. Okay okay extra pair of flats check.

The first show was Mimpikita with its oversize concept, earth tone colours and a mixture of bold patterns. Good showcase in talent.

Fashion Designer

The next showcase was a presentation by designer Cassey Gan filled with subtle tones and textures. It was sultry with the right type of music.

And then the nightmare came at the 2pm show which was not very organised as we queued for 1hr and 15minutes by that time you know you are not getting into a show that has been over hyped with more tickets than seats. I know things can go wrong on the day but at some point, you know when you are filled to capacity. So my suggestion is to be proactive and let people know the possible outcome so we are not disappointed with just waiting.

6pm – Saving the best shows for last.

The 3 designers who showcased their designs at Stories of Arabia gave me life, I mean the edginess, the cultural designs and great lighting you can’t go wrong with that.

Atelier Zuhra show was filled with colour blocking, feathers, glitz and glam with designs that were well constructed and showcased with grace.

Overall it was a great experience and worth every aching body part.

Here are a few tips to remember when going to any fashion week in London, New York, Paris or Italy; remember to dress to impress but be comfortable, take flats if it’s going to be a long day, hydration is key so take a bottle of water although some shows do supply that for you and remember to be open to what the day may bring.

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