One of the questions for 2019, is beige the new black?

I have attended London Fashion Week shows for this season and realise there is a common colour amongst many of them and that’s beige. There are a few designers who has incorporated this colour into their collections like Chloe, Victoria Beckham and Burberry runways to name a few which makes me think is this the new black?

This has cause retailers to purchase more styles and designs in this colour by 25% so far this season which sees the looks on many celebrities and models in their fashionable down time. I remember back in the day this was a favourite colour amongst the older generation who wore these pieces to their classy events or even church but now it’s worn by all.

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So, is black taking a back seat to this new colour trend?

I say no because black is not a colour as the fashion industry states, it has been regaled the definition of classic, a timeless aesthetic that compliments the female figure which is paired with any and every colour, print or cut you can possibly make throughout your design career. Remember in 1926 Vogue called a Chanel black dress “The ford of a woman’s wardrobe” as a way of saying it’s necessary for every woman to have a little black dress.

There is never a runway without black, if you can find one without let me know until then beige is a trend for this season and like most trends fade but black never fades. It’s like a vintage car or even aged wine it gets better with time.

What are your thoughts on the colour beige SIMtribe and how would you style your pieces?

Our suggestions for this colour are to wear with prints and block colours. See how the designers have styled their pieces down their runways.

If you can try recreate some of these looks from what you have in your wardrobe and tag us on social media @stylistinme so we can see them and repost.

We will see you same time next week for another new style blog.

Pics courtesy of individual designer’s platforms.

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