Introducing “FLY GIRL MAGIC” Lookbook

Introducing "FLY GIRL MAGIC" Lookbook

Stylist In Me Presents: Fly Girl Magic

Style oracle, Stylist In Me is bursting back onto the style scene with our cutting-edge summer look book!

Our leading-edge S.I.M ladies have been asking what the team at Stylist In Me have been planning throughout the surprisingly warm June and July months. To put your minds to rest, we are happy to reveal the stylists on our team are in full swing of bringing the S.I.M tribe the freshest summer styles, in the form of a summer look book. We can sense your relief!

The theme for this year’s summer look book is what we at Stylist In Me like to call, ‘Fly Girl Magic’. Fun and fresh, the look book demonstrates innovative ways in which you can style some of Stylist In Me’s unique, best-selling accessories such as eyewear and other pieces our stylists have spotted as futuristic fashion favourites.

“It has layers that shows depth and diversity within her style, her use of textures and colours intertwined to create a fly girl masterpiece that transcends modern day style.” – Stylist In Me
Introducing "FLY GIRL MAGIC" Lookbook

As of today, we are able to premier exclusive images of the first two unprecedented Fly Girl Magic looks: Fly Girl Punk Rock and Fly Girl Sass. A Fly Girl is unapologetically her own style icon, and Stylist In Me wishes for our ladies to share this ethos. Our summer look book encourages you to defy contemporary style trends and write your own fashion future.

We hope you’re ready for the visionary, unequalled looks still to be released. Expect updates on the release of the full look book on the Stylist In Me blog  “Style Fix” and all social media platforms. Make sure you are following @stylistinme to secure leading summer style freshness.

Introducing "FLY GIRL MAGIC" Lookbook

Remember to be bold with your style choices and always stand out from the crowd.

Written by Sophie

For Stylist In Me

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