What can I say about PURE London Show 2018?

What can I say about PURE London Show 2018?

Well…hhhmmmm it was very interesting to say the least, an eye opener in dealing with vendors / wholesalers in the fashion and accessories sector.

There were many vendors but the customer service from most were lacking, maybe it’s because there were so many buyers trying to get their hands on the latest trends in apparel, shoes and accessories for the upcoming season. There were purchase orders going in from every angle. My team and I had to duck a few times from getting clobbered in the face or back from eager buyers.

Pure London is a market place for wholesalers / designers to display their latest products to small businesses/boutiques like us in exchange for us to carry their lines in our stores.

The Stylist in Me team and I wandered the Kensington Olympia in heels, yes I said heels as we wanted to look cute and show out lol after all it was a beautiful day in the city of London.

But the thing that caught my eye was the mini business seminars they were having which were dotted around the Olympia event, so I split from the team and booked myself on as many as I can. There were fashion bloggers, influencers and fashion magazine editors all sharing their wisdom and journey truths to the top was exactly the thing I went through when starting this business. It wasn’t easy but happy it’s progressing in the right direction.

I walked the ground floor where a lot of international vendors were and came across an Italian brand with the cutest leather bags that caught my eyes, see the pic below you can tell I’m not lying… aren’t they the cutest little bags you have ever seen.

After perusing that stand I began to wonder around and came across another stand where the directors are twins and their bag flaps are interchangeable called TWINN www.twinn.com . They are colourful well structured and ready for spring summer making you stand out from the crowd. Just what we like here at Stylist in Me.

Hmmm should we stock these for our upcoming spring / summer campaign?

There were so many stands I could not keep up but then out the corner of my eye I came across bag heaven. It was the brand O bag with it’s vibrant colours

and the bays are easy to clean and interchangeable, so I began talking with their sales representative which lead to an invitation to their headquarters for their new bag launch. There onsite store was like walking into bag heaven ten times over. As we proceed with the grand tour it all became clear that women just love bags and we can never have too much.

Overall it was a good show including the catwalk show and the business deals we made will be coming to you soon so follow us on all social media platforms or log on to www.stylistinme.com for all things fashion accessories.

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