The Evolution Of Personal Style

Ladies let’s keep it all the way real... our personal style is dope!
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Ladies let’s keep it all the way real…our personal style is dope!

Our style is a representation of who we are and it has evolved over time and as we began to grow into adulthood, so let’s not hate it but celebrate it.

I/m an 80’s baby so the big shirt oversize gold hoop earrings and bright colour Adidas might scream 80’s, but in 2017 once chosen in the right cut or shape of clothing and worn with class it is a major comeback but with a modern twist.

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Remember fashion fades by style is forever or we can remix it to trends, but personal style is forever.

The major brands we love so much have been doing this for decades returning the trends to us with a modern day twist but the ones who are doing it right now and doing it well are Gucci Chanel Louis Vuitton to name a few brands.

So now I want all my SIMs to embrace their personal style, shout it from the roof top and bring out the stylist in you.

Here are a few visual tips from designers and influencers in fashion from around the world, that shows diversity in style with each person’s personal twist to make it their own.

Try carving your own style. If you love palazzo pleated pants with fishnet tights and brogues or heels and a fitted hat, the fact is to always be confident and comfortable with it.
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Remember you thought of it, developed it and made it happen. Creativity is the intelligence of the mind having fun, so make your personal style stand out and rock it all year around.

See you next week.

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