The Royal Style

It came and just like that it was over … But the royal wedding was nothing short of amazing style by some of your favourite designers who went above and beyond for their client to ensure they stood out, just like our mantra here at Stylist in Me.

From Stella McCartney making a whole new dress in 24hrs for Oprah Winfrey, let me say that again A WHOLE NEW DRESS IN 24HRS !!!!! I’m now exhausted from just typing that let alone being part of that design team.

We wrap up the overall style of the royal wedding and who were stunning or straight faux pas darling (say that with your best British accent)

It was good to see a lot of bright colours and floral prints on this beautiful sunny royal wedding day. Some of the designers premiered on the day were Stella McCartney, Gucci and so much more.

Here is a look at what stylefits took my breathe away.

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