If Shoes Can Talk!

These boots were made for walking...Wait, is that the saying or I'm just putting my own twist on it?
Look 1

Wait, is that the saying or I’m just putting my own twist on it? I think I just might have a shoe fetish because I think it should be a crime if a woman does not purchase at least two pairs per month.

Husbands you have no choice in this just accept it and never ask questions. We will leave room for you in the closet in the hallway lol as the bedroom closet will be overflowing with the best pairs a woman can find on the high street. For me a good pair of booties is my go to transforming my office look in the day to cocktail hour with the girlfriends at night.

Look 2
Style Tip: When styling or building a base for an outfit starts with the shoes in mind first. Start with a simple colour when selecting heavy prints e.g colourful flower dress can be paired with black shoes or if it’s a multicoloured shoe, try to keep the colour of the garment as one solid colour.

Look 5

We hope the above has been helpful. Here are a few pic ideas that will help guide your style. Whether you’re networking for at a business event, dinner at a restaurant with friends or ready to party the night away these looks can definitely bring out the stylist in you.

What’s your go-to pair of shoes that is versatile for both day and night?

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